Pets are welcome!

Want to take your beloved pet dog along with you when you go on vacation? That’s not a problem here at the Strahlerhof in South Tyrol. We have enough space, and there’s also the “great outdoors” in which your four-legged friend can run and jump. In any case, your pets are cordially welcome here. We will charge you a one-time cleaning fee of € 30

The magical call of the mountains!

Your active vacation in South Tyrol – The landscape here is dominated by wondrous natural beauty. The magnificent mountains of South Tyrol enjoy worldwide fame, and allow a great variety of activities in both summer and winter. The perfect travel destination for your active vacation – You can choose from skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, trekking, rock-climbing, cycling, and much, much more.


Our hotel is the ideal starting-point for hikers and nature enthusiasts. In the community of Eppan / Appiano, alone, there are more than 180 estates, fortresses, and castles – and each one is worth a visit! The “Three Fortress Hike” is a comfortable hike which will take you to three different historical sites: The ruins of the Boymont fortress, Hocheppan Castle, and Korb Castle.

There’s also a very popular and easy hike to the ice-holes in Eppan / Appiano. This is a strange natural phenomenon that both tourists and locals find impressive.

Vacationers looking for something more challenging might want to try the Rastenbachklamm roundtrip hike. It’s 3.5 hours long and will take you through a biotope with typical gorge vegetation with waterfalls. All in all, it’s reminiscent of a romantic canyon.

Here at the Strahlerhof, we’ll be happy to lend you some hiking poles.

Further recommendations: The Seiser Alm, the Halbweg Hut, Penegal, and Roen

Cyclers to the starting line!

Come and discover South Tyrol by bicycles! What better way to explore the natural beauty and cultural landscapes of this region? Our region is crisscrossed by a dense network of bicycle paths. Ideal for trekking bikers, mountainbikers, racing bikers, electro-bikers, but also for easy journeys of exploration suitable for the whole family. Guaranteed fun! What’s keeping you? No bicycle in your luggage? That’s no problem! We would be delighted to lend you a bike!