Pets are welcome!

Want to take your beloved pet dog along with you when you go on vacation? That’s not a problem here at the Strahlerhof in South Tyrol. We have enough space, and there’s also the “great outdoors” in which your four-legged friend can run and jump. In any case, your pets are cordially welcome here. We will charge you a one-time cleaning fee of € 30

And if it should rain…

Relaxing vacation in South Tyrol – Yes, even in the sun-drenched lands of South Tyrol, it does rain occasionally. But don’t worry! Our region also offers a number of interesting “bad-weather” activities…

A visit to the museum!

Come and get to know Ötzi, the world-famous “Ice-Man!” At the Archeological Museum in Bozen / Bolzano, you can meet the “Ice-Man” face to face. He’s the world’s oldest preserved ice mummy, found in the Schnales / Senales Valley. A memorable experience for adults and children.

And if you’re an art-lover, the Museion is the thing for you. This museum for modern and contemporary art is a real treat for culture-enthusiasts. Located in Bozen / Bolzano, the Museion boasts more than 4,500 works of modern and contemporary artists. There are also regular special exhibitions with the works of renowned contemporary artists from around the world. In the summer months, the outer façade of this cubical structure measuring 54 meters in width is used for impressive video-art projections. And we have more recommendations for you: The Wine Museum in Kaltern / Caldaro, the Messner Mountain Museum at Sigmundskron Castle, and the Nature Museum in Bozen / Bolzano.

For a vacation within your vacation

Vacationing can be tiring! You’re on foot from morning till evening, being bombarded by new impressions, and experiencing all kinds of adventures. In the middle of all this, you might just find yourself in need of a little rest. Take advantage of the occasional rainy day to just laze around at the Strahlerhof. A vacation within your vacation? Yes! You can take a break and just relax in our small but elegant spa area, with its Finnish sauna and whirlpool.